Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturers Alliance

What is The Heavy Metal Tour?

Since it's inception, over 20,000 students, 100 businesses, from 10 counties have participated in the CWIMMA Heavy Metal Tour. The Tour is designed to showcase innovative educational and career pathways, exposing area youth and educators to the robust opportunities in manufacturing. 

Our Programs

Heavy Metal Tour


To date over 20,000 8th grade students, from 41 area school districts,have participated and toured over 100 regional manufacturer's. The program was created to show students all the educational and career opportunities available in regional manufacturer's, it is our pillar program in educational and career awareness. 

For More Information Contact  Our Director Derek Heikkinen at Dhekikinen@ncwwdb.org

Welding and Machine Tool Competition


Each year CWIMMA hold's an annual Welding and Machine Tool Contest exposing over 1,600 area students to educational and career opportunities in fabrication related trades. This year CWIMMA will award of $10,000 in prizes to the top students, 25 scholarships to area technical colleges, and new equipment to winning schools. 

Summer Programs


We partner with NTC and Mid State Technical College, to fund free short-term summer classes, that allow sophomores, juniors, and seniors, to recieve free college credits, Youth Apprenticeship Credits, and employment opportunities.